Strategic alliance between RTV and CLT-UFA

Luxembourg/Ravensburg, 25 February, 2000

RTV Family Entertainment AG and CLT-UFA International signed an extensive partnership agreement on 22 February, 2000. Under the agreement, RTV acquires over 500 hours of globally marketable animation and real-film programmes for children, young persons and families. In return, CLT-UFA acquires among other things a 4% participating interest in RTV's equity capital.

RTV acquires a stock of programmes comprising internationally usable rights and featuring highly attractive themes. The majority are no older than 4 years, with 15% first-time licences. The move serves to increase RTV's programme stock by over 500 hours to a total of 1,970 programming hours (+40%) or some 5,016 programme episodes (+26%). The agreement secures RTV a substantial utilization potential. The package includes such highly successful television series as "Duckman", "The Legend of William Tell" and Enid Blyton adventure series as well as top-notch feature films such as "Hugo The Jungle Creature" and "Return to Treasure Island". The package of rights allows RTV to continue pursuing its international growth strategy.

Due to its close cooperation with such an eminent and dependable production partner as RTV and its capital stake in the company, CLT-UFA strengthens its expertise in the children's and family programme market. "We are looking forward to working with RTV. RTV is not just a reliable partner but also a company with the capacity to meet our stations' high standards in the long term," explains Dr. Ewald Walgenbach, CEO of CLT-UFA. CLT-UFA's participating interest in RTV documents the company's trust in RTV's positive long-term development as an internationally renowned producer of high-quality children's and family programmes.

As a result of the alliance, both companies are able to ideally complement their core competencies. In order to guarantee high standards of quality and high levels of utilization as a producer, it is crucial to have a global marketing network to distribute the rights generated. The acquisition of this package of rights immediately puts RTV in a position to rapidly expand its international distribution network and enhance its appeal to international co-production partners.

Says Dr. Arno Haselhorst, CFO of RTV Family Entertainment AG: "RTV is looking to secure long-term alliances with stations in all key TV markets. The experience gained from working with CLT-UFA is the perfect way to help us achieve this goal."

CLT-UFA is No. 1 in the European radio and television market, with shareholdings in 40 radio and TV stations — most of which are market leaders (RTL Television in Germany, RTL Radio in France, HMG in the Netherlands). CLT-UFA also has participating interests in a number of production and broadcasting rights marketing companies (including UFA Film- and TV Produktion in Germany and UFA Sports in Europe). In the German Free TV market, CLT-UFA is majority shareholder of market leader RTL, holding a 35.9% stake in RTL II and 50% in Super RTL


RTV Family Entertainment AG

RTV Family Entertainment AG is one of Germany's leading producers of children's and family programmes. RTV develops and produces mainly cartoon films as one of the industry's biggest independent specialists. Other fields of activity include the sale and purchase of film and television rights at home and abroad as well as merchandising. RTV has been listed on the Neuer Markt since June 1999.


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