M6 Web M6 Web is a subsidiary in charge of the Group's new technology developments and has three operational segments: the internet, interactivity with programmes and mobile telephony (including M6 Mobile).
M6 Web extends relations between Group channels and viewers by developing their content in all its media formats. M6 Web designs and operates all interactive features proposed to the viewers during the Group’s programmes: games, programme attendance sign-in, text messaging, votes…

In April, Groupe M6 acquired 100 per cent of Cyréalis, that runs websites like Clubic.com, Jeuxvideo.fr, Neteco.com and Achetezfacile.com. Thanks to this acquisition, M6 has still confirmed its willingness to develop a first rank Internet platform, and has became one of the 15 most visited websites in France, with a cumulative monthly audience of early 9 million unique visitors.

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