Corporate responsibility

RTL Group strives to provide its audiences with high quality products. We are acutely aware of the special nature of the media business, as both an opinion former and information provider, and the responsibilities of a media company towards its communities. Our aim is to offer a broad range of content addressing all of society including both quality information and popular entertainment. We recognise that business success cannot only be measured in financial terms. Corporate Responsibility has always formed an integral part of our business. The wide range of our activities and initiatives reflects our decentralised corporate structure. The following text presents a selection of our activities/initiatives:
Corporate Responsibility Council
RTL Group Corporate Responsibility Council (CRC) is a task force which was founded in March 2012 with the aim of advancing environment, social and governance matters at RTL Group.

Since January 2013, the CRC is chaired by Romain Mannelli, Executive Vice President HR and works on topics such as environmental protection, ethics and compliance, gender equality and diversity, corporate governance, and transparency – and their implications for human resources, investor relations and communications.

Accordingly, the Council is composed of the following representatives from RTL Group’s Corporate Centre with expertise in these areas: Andrew Buckhurst, Senior Vice President (SVP) Investor Relations and Ethics & Compliance Officer; Caroline Chartier, Communications Manager; Oliver Fahlbusch, SVP Corporate Communications & Marketing; Edouard De Fierlant, Company Secretary; François Masquelier, SVP Treasury & Corporate Finance; Janine Neves, Communications Manager; Esther Pierard, Health Manager and Tun Van Rijswijck, Chief Operating Officer at BCE and Chief Environment Officer at RTL Group.
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