VERENIGING VERONICA has offered their 35% holding of Holland Media Group to CLT-UFA, which holds pre-emption rights.

Luxembourg, December 3, 1999

Whoever the final buyer may be, the withdrawal of the minority shareholder from Holland Media Group will not have any effect on the management of the groups’ television stations; the HMG family composed of the stations RTL4, RTL5 and Veronica, remains unchanged.

Additionally, HOLLAND MEDIA GROUP can continue to operate under the brandnames Veronica and The Young One.

Therefore, the decision taken by the VERENIGING VERONICA only impacts the shareholding structure of HOLLAND MEDIA GROUP and not its broadcasting activities.

CLT-UFA is Europe’s largest radio and television group. With holdings in some forty radio stations and television channels -most of them leaders in their respective markets – RTL in France, RTL Television in Germany, RTL TVI in Belgium HMG in the Netherlands and UFA Sports in Europe. The group is also active in production and rights distribution.

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