CLT-UFA announces final 1998 results / Substantial rise in turnover and improved result

CLT-UFA Luxemburg, April 22 1999

The Board of Directors of CLT-UFA, the leading European broadcasting group, today approved the accounts for 1998. The Group reported a rise in consolidated turnover of 9 % from euro_sigle.gif (901 bytes) 2,827 million in 1997 to euro_sigle.gif (901 bytes) 3,085 million in 1998.

The net loss, group share, for 1998 was -euro_sigle.gif (901 bytes) 14 million compared to
euro_sigle.gif (901 bytes) 71 million in 1997. This improvement reflects the combined impact of increased profitability in its core businesses and the reduction of after-tax losses of its start-up operations in radio and free TV.


CLT-UFA operates 40 radio and TV stations throughout Europe, as well as several production and rights trading businesses, most of them market leaders (e.g. RTL Television in Germany, RTL Radio in France, HMG in the Netherlands, RTL TVI in Belgium and UFA SPORTS in Europe).

(Figures above are in EURO)


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