New programming agreement between CLT-UFA and Buena Vista International Television / First class films guaranteed to RTL

CLT-UFA Luxembourg, October 15, 1998 ,

CLT-UFA and Buena Vista International Television (BVI-TV), the distribution arm of Walt Disney Television International, today agreed on the continuation and extension of the programming agreement from 1995 concerning the supply of feature and TV films as well as movies.

By this agreement CLT-UFA strengthens the supply to its stations and guarantees high program quality in the future.

The new programming agreement gives RTL Television through CLT-UFA a long-term access to top-class Hollywood movies, such as „The Horse Whisperer", „Armageddon" „The Rock", „101 Dalmatians" and „Con Air", following the usual release sequences, as well as to popular series such as „Home Improvement". Availability of films, TV-movies and series to CLT-UFA and RTL, RTL2 and Super RTL will extend beyond the year 2000.

Dr. Ewald Walgenbach, CLT-UFA-Executive Vice President Production & Rights: „We are delighted to continue our excellent co-operation with Disney. BVI-TV's programming ideally fit into the RTL Television schedule. The deal underlines again CLT-UFA's readyness to invest substantially into the programming future of RTL Television".

Sally Davies, Senior Vice President, European Sales & Business & Legal Affairs: "We are pleased to have finalized this agreement so that CLT-UFA, RTL and German speaking viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy our series and movies from Disney, Touchstone & Hollywood Pictures for years to come.

Helmut Thoma, CEO of RTL Television: "Years ago, RTL Television was one of the initiators of the BVI-TV deal and has always maintained a good relationship with BVI-TV. We are delighted to see the agreement between CLT-UFA and Disney finalized. This agreement ensures for years the supply of RTL Television with films and series of excellent Disney quality."

CLT-UFA and Disney have also agreed to dismiss a lawsuit between CLT-UFA and BVI-TV advising from the combination of activities between CLT and Ufa in 1997.

89% of RTL belong to Europe's biggest radio and TV group CLT-UFA. In addition, CLT-UFA holds major interests in RTL2, Super RTL, Vox and Premiere as well as in Europe's leading TV and radio stations.

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