Dan Arendt nominated Executive Vice President General Affairs of CLT-UFA.

CLT-UFA Luxembourg, March 20, 1998,

CLT-UFA annonced with effet from May 19, 1998 the promotion of Dan Arendt to the position of Executive Vice President General Affairs and General Manager of the Group's Luxembourg activities.
In this position, and in addition to his functions as Executive Vice President General Affairs, he will be responsible for all operational activities in Luxembourg including technical services, radio and TV programmes, as well as management of the Luxembourg subsidiaries.

Dan Arendt, 37 and a citizen of Luxembourg, is married and has 2 children., After taking degree in Economic Sciences and Business Adminstration, he joined CLT (now CLT-UFA) in 1988 as business controller of subsidiaries. From 1991 to 1993 he was a Deputy Finance Director. Promoted to Finance Director in 1993, he was appointed to the board of CLT-UFA as Executive Vice President Finance of the Group after the merger. Dan Arendt is currently a member of the Board of Directors of RTL Television in Germany, RTL TVI in Belgium and other major subsidiaries of the group.

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